Fitness Activities

Starmount Forest has a workout regiment for everyone.

Our fitness staff of two full-time instructors and several part-time instructors teach classes seven days a week at various hours of the day. In addition, personal training sessions as well as seasonal classes specific to golf and tennis fitness are also available for our members.

An example of some of our fitness classes that we offer:

  • Circuit & Pump
    • This class combines the fun/variety of a station/circuit class with a muscle sculpt class using barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight, etc to make it a complete cardio & weight resistance class. All levels are accommodated.

  • Core Fitness
    • This class is 45 minutes of pure core work! Glutes, abs and back this class has it all, come condition your core with us!

  • Cycle Interval
    • Think of this class as a win-win for the body. Cycle class mixed with intervals of weights, core work, etc. for a complete class.

  • Fatburner
    • This class is an intense ‘Boot Camp’ style class that is a combination of weight training and cardio exercises. It’s guaranteed to get you whipped into shape in no time!

  • Functional Strength
    • Need a little help with your flexibility, but yoga is not right for you? This class uses a practical approach to stretching. We teach you the basics of holding each stretch 10-30 seconds. Need some sport specific stretches? Not to worry…we are here to help tailor stretches to more of what YOU need for golf, tennis, and everyday life. 45 minute class.

  • Muscle Sculpt
    • This class is a total body workout using weighted resistance to get your muscles lean and mean in no time! Muscle Sculpt is comparable to Body Pump and Extreme Tone classes, so if you like those classes you have to give this one a try!

  • Pilates
    • Pilates is a method of physical conditioning that can improve posture, stretch, strengthen and tone muscles while improving flexibility and balance. This is a mat class that incorporates exercises from the beginner level to advanced. Please bring your own Pilates mat.

  • PiYO
    • PiYo workout is a great way to burn and build lean muscle. PiYo combines the best of yoga, cardio, Pilates, and strength training and accommodates all fitness levels. This class can be as challenging or relaxed as YOU want to make it!

  • Spin
    • Spin is an indoor cycle workout that will challenge you through hills, flats, climbs, time trials and interval training. Be ready to sweat with this great cardio workout. Water bottle & towel a must!

  • Total Body Conditioning
    • This class incorporates every muscle group combined with cardiovascular endurance work. Try it to get a complete body workout!

  • TRX Flex
    • TRX Flex(ability that is!) is a stretching class that uses your own body weight against gravity and the TRX Suspension trainer to increase muscle length and range of motion. Try this class for improvements in flexibility for sports and everyday life.

  • Yoga
    • Yoga is an ancient practice of physical activity that uses certain postures and breathing techniques to increase flexibility, strengthen all the muscles of the body and improve muscle imbalances. Please bring your own Yoga mat.

    • Dance your way in shape. Zumba Fitness is an effective, easy-to-follow Latin dance class that will keep you movin’ and groovin’