Greensboro, NC Private Golf Club Membership


A Family-Friendly Country Club with Amazing Amenities in a Casual Atmosphere. 

Membership at Starmount Forest Country Club is about a couple of things. Of course, there are fantastic amenities. But it is more. It isn't like all country clubs. It isn't about who you are. It is family-friendly and less formal. The number of members under the age of 40 at Starmount Forest today compared to a decade ago isn't tripled. It is ten-fold. 

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Application Process

Starmount Forest is a private country club. Membership is by invitation only. Prospective members are required to be sponsored by a Starmount Forest Country Club member in good standing. The Membership Committee and the Board of Directors are happy to assist a candidate by providing a sponsor.

The prospective member is requested to complete the application and member profile and submit them to the Director of Membership/Marketing or the General Manager.

A check including the following must accompany the completed application for membership:

  • Respective initiation fee (or deposit when applicable)
  • Respective first month’s dues & fees

Upon receipt of the required information, the prospective member’s application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee at their monthly meeting. The Committee sends their recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will then review and vote upon the application at their monthly meeting. Once a decision is made by the Board, the applicant will be contacted by a staff member at the Club. In addition, all new members will be invited to a New Member Orientation and Reception.